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kwame Anane 07-11-2005 15:07:54

Hey Cyn,
Brilliant job! Very professional website and attitude. Nice talking to you last time.
Always be the best.
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Tzve 04-11-2005 12:11:23

Cynthia, well done girl! I was absolutely taken by your site, came across it quite accidentaly and enjoyed it immensely. It was great to see you in action and all the firends around you. It would have been great to see somoe photoes of your lovely kids as well, they must have grown big by now. Lot's of love and best wishes from me. Come and visit us one day in London..
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Belinda 28-09-2005 19:56:24

Hej C.
Total fed hjemmeside! Tak for en rigtig hyggelig aften, håber vi gør det om igen snart. Håber du har fået set min hjemmeside. Mvh Belinda(muza´s ven)
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Wawi Amasha a.k.a "Cynthia" 02-08-2005 05:10:46

Hello Cynthia,

Greetings from Santa Monica, CA. I was doing a search engine on African dance and I found you there. Girl, you are beautiful and very talented and I have to say I am proud to know that you are out there promoting the African Culture. I am originally from Kenya, I live here in CA, and I am an artist. I paint mostly african art and I would love very much to do a painting of you dancing if you don't mind. And by the way, if you ever come these sides to perform, please let me know, I would love to see you perform. Also I wanted to ask if you know anything about the African Dance Conference that happens here in Los Angeles every year in September. I will be exhibiting my art there and I was wondering if you are a part of it. Do you know a guy called Rocky Dawuni? He is an musician from Ghana..he is sooo good. He is a friend of mine and he is doing great things here in Santa Monica. If you are interested, we can talk more about that painting, please feel free to contact meor check out my website I am glad to have found your site and even more to have the same name with a wonderful person like you. Many blessings and keep up the good job.
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Susan Schnoor 14-06-2005 11:39:13

Hej Cynthia
Vi vil sige tak for en utrolig god og sjov performance til Simones Konfirmation den 22. maj i Ringsted.
Det var en rigtig rigtig god oplevelse og I formåede at højne humør og energiniveau hos os alle sammen. En særlig hilsen fra Simone som synes det var en kanon og speciel oplevelse, selvom hun var lidt tilbageholdende under seansen.
Mange kærlige hilsner
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wizzyy 22-03-2005 01:31:43

Iam so proud of what y'all r doin in denmrk.. Jacob you relly do a good job on promotin' africans in denmark.. Trust me I know all about that.. chris and I are so proud of what you guys are doing over that side... We hope to see yah in Usa one fine day.. A lot happens here .. you get allowed to show what you got... I wish denmark could do more for you guys.. Cynthia stay blessed young lady... stay focussed it will happen... greetings to all the africans we worked with over there...
love from Dallas...
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victor 21-03-2005 01:00:49

Hey Cynthia I like your pictures and I really think you are talented young lady
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thadeus mutisya 20-03-2005 19:06:16

i would like to thank you for being open about you love for african culture, i fond you site from a search about culture from the website and i went ahead to check it and must admit that it is a very good site and you should link to more forums or search egines for most of the people will love to see this kind of website where natural talent is seen and also promotes the africam women, for me here in KENYA[NAIROBI] I WILL SHARE IT WITH MY FRIENDS BUT I AM SURE KENYAN WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU LIVE ON STAGE so if it is possible for you to make plans to stage a show here it would be great and you will see how kenyans appriciate culture and african dance, may be if you have intrest to [perform] here you can contact me a i will advice you. thanks and keep it up.....we will keep visiting your site more and more to get the latest of you.

mutinda wa mutisya.
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Natalie 14-03-2005 15:04:50

Hej Cynthia!

Jeg glæder mig meget til at i kommer og optræder til min konfirmation! Kan næsten ikke vente med at få lært nogle afrikanske danse og sådan Det skal helt sikkert blive godt!

Mange hilsener Natalie og co.
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Happy 05-02-2005 19:43:13

Nice pics

best Regards
wish you best
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